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Eva Nagel has been working with the Trauma Resource Institute traumaresourceinstitute.com to bring trauma healing skills to therapists and practitioners and to the military, wounded warriors and veterans.

The Trauma Resiliency Model (TRM) is designed to stabilize the human nervous system and to reduce and/or prevent the symptoms of traumatic stress It is an integrative mind-body intervention, which focuses on the biological basis of trauma and the automatic defensive ways the body responds to threat and fear. TRM emphasizes that human responses to threat are primarily instinctive and biological.

After a traumatic experience, there can be a cascade of physical, emotional, cognitive, behavioral and spiritual responses. TRM explains these common responses from a biological perspective, which reframes the human experience from what is often one of shame and pathology to one of hope and biology. TRM is a comprehensive treatment that offers concrete and practical skills coupled with education about the biology of trauma. TRM's goal is to reduce or eliminate the symptoms of trauma by returning the body and mind back to balance. TRM can be used to treat any person who has experienced or witnessed any event that was perceived as life threatening or posed a serious injury to themselves or to others. It is helpful for workers in the front lines after traumatic events as it can reduce vicarious traumatic reactions and be used for self-care.
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